Nightly 2023-08-08


  • [fix] Images in chat on render, appear to be flickering. This is fixed now.

  • [fix] Messages which had large content are now automatically been stripped off to show less when replying.

  • Image message visual improvements when replying.

  • Overall on the entire subspace / related chats section; "Room not found"-issue should be gone now

  • Chats and Spaces created with a parent are now set up to be seen and accessible by their parent (by default)

  • Canonical Parent is shown everywhere (it makes sense): sidebar, chat listing, etc

  • Joining subspaces with public or restricted mode now possible

  • [fix] fixed My profile page widget tree errors

  • [fix] fixed Events page card display errors



Windows (x64) MacOS (intel & silicon) Linux (x64)

On mobile:

Android (arm64) iPhone / iOS*
* for ad-hoc registered devices only