Nightly 2023-08-12


  • We now show indicators about access-level (e.g. if it is public) and whether it is end-to-end-encrypted on the top of the Space view

  • Support for non-acter spaces has been added: show an indicator in the top bar as well, as clear the features unavailable and show a large message box with optional upgrade button (if you have the permissions) on non-acter-spaces.

  • [chat] Invites are now enabled for chat. After room creation, you can invite other users by going to room profile and adding them. (if have permissions).

  • [fix] Earlier some messages with mentions were getting overflow in some scenarios. This should not be happening now.

  • [fix] Chat pagination. Messages timeline should now correctly identify the end of history.

  • [enhance] Server messages, redacted and encrypted events are now distinct.

  • [fix] remove unimplemented features.

  • [enhance] chat room member events will present more info.



Windows (x64) MacOS (intel & silicon) Linux (x64)

On mobile:

Android (arm64) iPhone / iOS*
* for ad-hoc registered devices only