Nightly 2023-08-29


  • User can now edit pins

  • Pins can now contain both a URL and a description

  • Pins & Updates creation screens now show-case markdown-preview upon request

  • Space-selector has been cleaned up and unified across various creation screens

  • Routing for items within a space has been fixed: shows up as full screen item now.

  • Wide range Emoji support using Noto Emoji

  • Improved Emoji Picker Widget and Quick-Picker Items

  • Emoji reactions in chat can now be clicked to sent the same reaction

  • More positive start set of emoji in quick-picker

  • [fix] Emoji drawer now shows the correct users

  • [fix] Chat rooms are immediately loaded at startup

  • You can now configure which Apps/Features should be enabled per Space in the space settings. Further more you can also change the power level required to use any particular feature.



Windows (x64) MacOS (intel & silicon) Linux (x64)

On mobile:

Android (arm64) iPhone / iOS*
* for ad-hoc registered devices only