Nightly 2023-09-21


  • fix: chat input sends message as a part of reply even if its not meant to be reply (after closing reply UI). This is fixed now.

  • Dashboard/Overview:

    • Spaces listing is now prioritized to be shown on top.
    • Fewer joined spaces will now show 'create space' and 'join space' buttons below for easier accessibility. If more than 5 joined spaces, this'll be replaced with 'show all spaces' button.
    • Calendar widget is now removed and will be added when its properly functional.
    • Update theme of UI cards.
  • Pins:

    • Remove non functional button (pins filtering).
    • Update theme of section.
  • Calendar Events:

    • Calendar events can now be accessed from quick jump actions, showing all events, user is part of.
    • Update theme of section.
  • Some layout improvements in card component views.



Windows (x64) MacOS (intel & silicon) Linux (x64)

On mobile:

Android (arm64) iPhone / iOS*
* for ad-hoc registered devices only