Nightly 2023-11-01


  • Chats (Create)

    • fix: bug where DM/Group DM avatars do not load correctly after creation in chat room.
    • fix: Hide keyboard when scrolling over the found users list after search.
    • fix: Selecting users in found users list will now automatically make page scroll over to top.
    • Not Found Users state will show over the page if there's no user existing comparative to search term.
  • [enhancement] After testing for while, we have switched the labs feature for mobile push notifications on by default - you can still disable it in settings

  • [enhancement] User will only be asked about notifications after leaving the Activities stream for the first time (not at startup)



Windows (x64) MacOS (intel & silicon) Linux (x64)

On mobile:

Android (arm64) iPhone / iOS*
* for ad-hoc registered devices only