Changes since release-latest

  • [New] : User can edit the text message even after it was sent

  • [new] : User can now set background color for different news update slides

  • Pins:

    • Pins can now be searched via quick jump screen.
    • On mobile platforms, opening search field causes quick-add buttons to be not visible. This has been fixed and now will able to be scrolled.
  • [new-general] : User experience enhancement on News Update

  • [new-general] : Now user can post news with multiple slides

  • [new-desktop] : Desktop have now support of adding news update [fix] unnecesary spacing on cards in the spaces, related spaces, members and events sections have been fixed.

  • [new] : Video post is now supported on the news update

  • Pins:

    • A new rich text editor (Appflowy plugin) has been integrated in Acter Labs. By default, its disabled as experimental and can be enabled.
    • Pins content can now be edited with allowing edit mode in existing page rather than opening side-sheet, with the user having choice of editing content with their editor selected.
  • New Media Cache: the data is now cached separately from the state media encrypted on the file system. This allows to clear the cache of any media (e.g. Avatars or Files downloaded) without having to touch the state store.


Changes since v1.24.118

  • [fix] Editing chat message with user mention doesn't expose HTML anymore

  • [chat] Invites are now enabled for chat. After room creation, you can invite other users by going to room profile and adding them. (if have permissions).

  • [fix] Earlier some messages with mentions were getting overflow in some scenarios. This should not be happening now.

  • [fix] Chat pagination. Messages timeline should now correctly identify the end of history.

  • [enhance] Server messages, redacted and encrypted events are now distinct.

  • [fix] remove unimplemented features.

  • [enhance] chat room member events will present more info.

  • [Fix] #1304 where faulty a new session would be started every time the app was started.

  • [labs] Tasks and TasksList have seen a complete revamp: if you enable them in your app (and then for the corresponding space) you will find you can create TaskLists, view them in each Space, add Tasks inline and upon clicking on them you can assign due date and volunteer to take responsibility for it. If you do, these (not done) tasks show up in your dashboard as well.

  • You now have the ability to block users and content. You can report any content, or chat message and block individual users. From the settings screen you can manage, remove and add users to block.

  • Improvements in the Settings screen allow for a more intuitive and cleaner flow

  • Reworked the Sessions screen to give clearer instructions and explain what you see on it.

  • [enhance] Copy room link instead of roomId

  • [fix] Click on room link will perform appropriate action

  • screens without data to show now display helpful information .


Changes since release-latest

  • [fix] : Add Update - iOS app gets broken after selecting update
  • [fix] : Pin overflow issue for smaller device size
  • [Improvement] : Now have better control on chat media download. Chat media like images, videos, files etc will not download automatically. User can download media based on his/her choice.
  • [Enhancement] : User can see media size before downloading it.
  • [Enhancement] : File chat message have separate icon based on its type like pdf, doc, image, video, audio etc.
  • [New-feature] : Share file chat media


  • Calendar Events have returned now. You can now see upcoming and past events in the event section.

  • Dashboard Events:

    • You can see upcoming events which have been responded by you in (Yes/Maybe). In calendar, you can do interactions and see events you responded for a specific day by selecting that date.
    • Further you can even select range of dates by long press gesture and see all the responded events falling into it.
  • [fix] Events are now correctly showing dates according to locality.

  • [fix] Events RSVP status is now shown below and can be updated.

  • fixes the swipe reply bug on chat messages where right swipe wasn't working before.

  • DM's now show the avatar of the user you are talking to, if no avatar was set.

  • In Group DMs the Avatar is showing several users you are in the DM with.

  • Calendar Events

    • fix bug where end date shows same as start date when event is created.
    • Remove pending status button from event rsvp selection. Events would still show their status as pending if not selected (Yes/Maybe/No).
    • Merge the start/end time and date textfields from create/edit event sheets. Now the date and time textfields will show ranged date and time after selection.
    • Remove unused link input textfields from create/edit event sheets.
  • [fix] Overflow error of feature sections in quick jump on small screens

  • [UX] hide the bottom navigation when the on-screen keyboard is visible (to regain some space)

  • [UX] dismiss the on-screen keyboard by tapping anywhere non-interactive

  • [Labs] New Push Notifications Feature for mobile Devices on iOS and Android, you can now opt into receiving push notifications for new chat messages. You can activate it at Settings -> Labs -> Push Notifications. Don't forget to restart after activating it.

  • Encrypted at rest: All Registrations / logins happening from this point forward will automatically encrypt the database and store the session data in the secure enclave of your device ("Keychain" or "Secure Store"). Rendering it impossible for you or others to read any of the data without access to the secured enclave.

  • [Enhance] Desktop: Shift+enter will allow jump to new line

  • [Enhance] Desktop: Chat options are now accessible from the right click

  • [Fix] Auto focus on chat input while swipe to reply

  • [Fix] Hide Emoji/Chat options having long pressed and successfully made a reaction