Nightly builds

We are providing demo builds (when changes have been merged) of the latest development version every day --- called 'nightlies', as they are build during the night.

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Nightly 2023-12-15

** Changes since nightly-latest **

Nightly 2023-12-09

  • [enhancement] : Chat attachments now have separate options for camera, image,video and file selection
  • [fix] : Chat - video message support
  • [enhancement] : User can now see chat image/video in full-screen view
  • [new-feature] : Share chat image/video

Nightly 2023-12-06

  • fixes the overflows in the onbording screens.
  • fixes the issue that causes the cursor to jump to end when editing fields in authentication screens .

Nightly 2023-12-01

  • Chat Feature:
    • Now room messages are supported as local echo events which gives option of retry/cancel sending in case of failure from server acknowledgment.
    • [fix]: User receipts have been generalised to support and seen on all room state events rather than only user room messages.

Nightly 2023-11-29

  • Registration fixes: allow spaces in display name, make sure we only register one device and don't confuse users with unverified-devices warnings
  • Removed useless notifications listing from activities screen