Nightly builds

We are providing demo builds (when changes have been merged) of the latest development version every day --- called 'nightlies', as they are build during the night.

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Nightly 2023-11-01

  • Chats (Create)

    • fix: bug where DM/Group DM avatars do not load correctly after creation in chat room.
    • fix: Hide keyboard when scrolling over the found users list after search.
    • fix: Selecting users in found users list will now automatically make page scroll over to top.
    • Not Found Users state will show over the page if there's no user existing comparative to search term.
  • [enhancement] After testing for while, we have switched the labs feature for mobile push notifications on by default - you can still disable it in settings

  • [enhancement] User will only be asked about notifications after leaving the Activities stream for the first time (not at startup)

Nightly 2023-10-27

  • Chat Feature:

    • Chat Creation flow is now more simplified and accessible, allows you to create DM/Group DM's by selecting user(s) from the new intuitive interface and discard previous side sheet in favor of it.
    • The create chat interface is now more adaptive, meaning it'll adapt to the screen sizes and show bottom sheet (mobile) and dialog (larger screens), when you tap on plus icon in Chat.
  • DM's now show the avatar of the user you are talking to, if no avatar was set.

  • In Group DMs the Avatar is showing several users you are in the DM with. [Fix] [Android] Member list dialog not closing on physical back button press [Fix] [General] Chat Message : Tap on the link to open an url [Fix] [iOS] Chat Screen : Support swipe down to hide the keyboard [Fix] [Desktop] Disable sending empty messages

Nightly 2023-10-25

  • [Enhance] Desktop: Shift+enter will allow jump to new line
  • [Enhance] Desktop: Chat options are now accessible from the right click
  • [Fix] Auto focus on chat input while swipe to reply
  • [Fix] Hide Emoji/Chat options having long pressed and successfully made a reaction

Nightly 2023-10-24

  • [Labs] New Push Notifications Feature for mobile Devices on iOS and Android, you can now opt into receiving push notifications for new chat messages. You can activate it at Settings -> Labs -> Push Notifications. Don't forget to restart after activating it.
  • Encrypted at rest: All Registrations / logins happening from this point forward will automatically encrypt the database and store the session data in the secure enclave of your device ("Keychain" or "Secure Store"). Rendering it impossible for you or others to read any of the data without access to the secured enclave.

Nightly 2023-10-19

  • [fix] Overflow error of feature sections in quick jump on small screens
  • [UX] hide the bottom navigation when the on-screen keyboard is visible (to regain some space)
  • [UX] dismiss the on-screen keyboard by tapping anywhere non-interactive

Nightly 2023-10-18

  • fixes the swipe reply bug on chat messages where right swipe wasn't working before.

  • Calendar Events

    • fix bug where end date shows same as start date when event is created.
    • Remove pending status button from event rsvp selection. Events would still show their status as pending if not selected (Yes/Maybe/No).
    • Merge the start/end time and date textfields from create/edit event sheets. Now the date and time textfields will show ranged date and time after selection.
    • Remove unused link input textfields from create/edit event sheets.

Nightly 2023-10-14

  • Calendar Events have returned now. You can now see upcoming and past events in the event section.
  • Dashboard Events:
    • You can see upcoming events which have been responded by you in (Yes/Maybe). In calendar, you can do interactions and see events you responded for a specific day by selecting that date.
    • Further you can even select range of dates by long press gesture and see all the responded events falling into it.
  • [fix] Events are now correctly showing dates according to locality.
  • [fix] Events RSVP status is now shown below and can be updated.

Nightly 2023-10-11

  • Sidesheets .i.e. Spaces,Events,Chats and Pins: fix overflow of sidesheet title over system bars for mobile versions.
  • Space Overview: fix overflow of space shell actions over system bars for mobile versions.
  • Click/Tap on spaces member list in spaces overview will navigate to space member page.

Nightly 2023-10-06

  • [fix] Remove double naming on crud side sheets (Spaces, Events, Pins).

  • [fix] Text overflow fixes on pins card.

  • [fix] Text overflow fixes on event card.

  • [fix] Text overflow fixes on found spaces card when searched (Join space section).

  • [fix] Replace Redact term with more known wording .i.e. Delete/Remove.

  • Login/Registration UI and theme updates.

  • move spaces invite functionality to About section of overview as a button. The current limit of invitations is 100 people and button will not be visible exceeding that.

  • Fix: Parent space in Chat is shown.

  • Fix: Invite flow for chat reactivated

  • Fix: Joining related chats from a space

  • Fix: Setting the power level of members in a space

  • UX: Show content of Registration Token

  • Removed: Acter welcome screen when the user has no spaces

  • Fix: When redacting content, move back to the type index for that space

  • Updated look on room profile section. On desktop and larger screens, supports split view opening.

  • corrected acter background gradient pattern.

  • updated theme on component cards and overall system design to be intuitive.

  • fix for avatars not getting fallback properly.

  • fix overflow of content in pins, events and spaces cards.

  • fix: chat input sends message as a part of reply even if its not meant to be reply (after closing reply UI). This is fixed now.

  • CRUD Sidesheets (Spaces, Pins, Events, Chat)

    • [fix] Sidesheets will now properly scroll on smaller screens, enabling to view submit buttons. The buttons will remain stick to bottom.
    • Sidesheet input validation fixes.
  • Fix: do not render space-chat under space but switch to chat-section

  • Dashboard/Overview:

    • Spaces listing is now prioritized to be shown on top.
    • Fewer joined spaces will now show 'create space' and 'join space' buttons below for easier accessibility. If more than 5 joined spaces, this'll be replaced with 'show all spaces' button.
    • Calendar widget is now removed and will be added when its properly functional.
    • Update theme of UI cards.
  • Pins:

    • Remove non functional button (pins filtering).
    • Update theme of section.
  • Calendar Events:

    • Calendar events can now be accessed from quick jump actions, showing all events, user is part of.
    • Update theme of section.
  • Some layout improvements in card component views.

  • You can now directly invite anyone in the invite screen all you need is type their full user-id