What are "Labs"

Acter is a continuously evolving application, with frequent releases. While new features are being developed they are often made available to the wider audience as "lab experiments". Depending their maturity lab experiments can either be activated or deactivated. Once features are stable they are moved out of the labs into their own feature section to configure it to your needs.

Labs features are experimental and potentially immature ideas, features or concepts. We appreciate you wanting to check them out. Please provide feedback you have about these in the Feedback & Bugs Group Chat.

How to enable Labs

You can find the Labs under your Settings -> Labs-Section. There you can enable and disable features that are still in heavy development. Please note that default-off labs are often times immature and could cause instability in the app. Caution: Only enable labs if you know what you are doing and are willing to take the risk associated (see below).

Current Labs:

Push Notifications for mobile

Risk: low Default: off

We now offer mobile Push Notifications for DMs and Group Chats for Android and iOS. Upon activating this feature you will receive push notifications to your Android or iOS device. Upon click on the notifications the App should bring you to the right (chat) screen. Note that

  1. you must activate this for every device you want to receive push notifications on
  2. it is only available to iOS and Android at the moment
  3. you must restart the app after activating for it to take effect

Apps: Events

Risk: low Default: on

Calendar events are a default-on app feature in the process of bug-fixing and increased maturity. It allows you to create Events in Spaces, like meetings, calls or any other calendar-like object, that other space members can rsvp to.

Apps: Tasks

Risk: moderate Default: off

This experimental feature allows you to create Task-List and associated Tasks per Space you can manage together. This is an early developer preview which still misses screens and is like to change in design and feature-expanse.