Style Guide

Acter Brand



Colors can be found in app/lib/common/themes/app_theme.dart. Whenever possible the AppTheme.brandColorScheme should be used in the code base rather than any specific color. New color sets like gradients or changes to existing colors shall be added to that class (for easier customization later).

  • Primary Brand Color: #9CCAFF
  • Secondary Brand Color: #9ACBFF
  • Tertiary Brand Color: #FFB77B
  • Background Color: #001B3D
  • Neutral: #121212
  • Success: #67A24A


  • App-Wide Font: Inter
  • Emoji: System provided fond; on Linux: notoEmoji


We use clean, clear but slightly playful even childish Icons, to get away from a too steril style and keep things fun and social. Whenever possible we use the closest matching Atlas Icon that's already embedded in the app (via package:atlas_icons/atlas_icons.dart).

// Import package
import 'package:atlas_icons/atlas_icons.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

Icon(Atlas.audio_album, size: 24.0, )